robin williams, good will hunting, bench, matt damon, bench sceneRobin Williams had a celebrated career, which was sadly cut short when he took his own life on August 11, 2014. But aside from his own personal success, he helped launch the careers of other stars he worked with, too. One of them, Williams's "Good Will Hunting" costar Matt Damon, recalled the late actor's greatness in that flick in a new interview commemorating the second anniversary of his passing.

Damon was still a fresh-faced presence in Hollywood when he and best friend Ben Affleck penned the screenplay for "Hunting," which wound up winning them the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and Williams the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. But before all of that, they were just a group of actors on set, and as Damon recalled in a new interview with, he was absolutely in awe of Williams's performance.

Damon told that when they were shooting the famous scene on the bench in Boston Common, Williams "was just crushing it on the first take."

"I just went, 'This is gonna be really good,'" Damon recalled of the electrifying moment.

The actor added that he recently visited that bench again with his family -- though his children are too young to have seen the movie yet -- and remembered his former costar.

"It was nice to go back and think about him back there," Damon told

That bench had become a makeshift memorial to the actor after his passing, and we imagine it will remain it will remain an important spot for his fans to reflect for quite some time. RIP, Robin.

[via:, h/t Entertainment Weekly]