Shut InRemember how adorable Jacob Tremblay was in that bunker in "Room"? Yeah, this is a whole new kid — one who's terrifying the living daylights out of Naomi Watts.

The first trailer for "Shut In" debuted today, and it stars Watts as a child therapist whose own son (Charlie Heaton from "Stranger Things") is in a vegetative state after a car accident. She takes on a new client, Tom (Tremblay), but he runs away into the cold winter night and is presumed dead. The key word is "presumed," because soon, Watts believes he's haunting her.'Shut In' (2016) Trailer

Or maybe it's all just in her head, as her own therapist (Oliver Platt) believes. Whatever is going on, it's creepy AF, as something appears to be messing with her son, hiding in a tiny cellar, and whispering things while she's int he bath.

"Shut In" opens in theaters November 11.

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