Right now, "The Walking Dead" Season 7 ... in the most wonderful way. But the wait is worth it. The wait is worth it. The cast have been repeating that mantra for a while now.

They can't tell us much more than that, though, since pretty much every second after the Season 6 finale cliffhanger is a spoiler. Except, perhaps, for what Carol and Morgan (Lennie James) are up to, since they were not in Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) lineup of death. So many people have been asking Melissa McBride who Negan killed that her own mother got confused and thought it might be Carol, even though Carol wasn't even in that scene.

McBride talked to Entertainment Weekly about the polarizing (mostly negative, though, let's be honest) reaction to the Negan cliffhanger:

There was a very strong reaction both ways to that finale. I've talked to a lot of people that absolutely loved it and I've talked to a lot of people that were really angry about having to wait those six months. And I'm sure you heard both of that too.

Oh, I've heard it. I've heard it all. But, you know, it's entertaining. It's compelling and some people like cliffhangers, some people hate them, and that's just part of the experience. But I hope those people that feel jilted will tune in because the premiere is just going to be... oh God, it's going to rock the walls. The wait is worth it. Whether you're angry with it or whether you liked the cliffhanger or whether you're pissed off about it, the wait is worth it.

The wait is worth it! Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) said the same thing to Moviefone not too long ago, when he reacted to the cliffhanger backlash:

"We're in the age of instant gratification, so I get it. When it happens to me watching other shows, I get upset as well. But it's well worth the wait. I will say it's well worth the wait!"

We certainly do hope it's all worth it, although we're used to things being over-hyped as well. TWD tends to deliver strong premieres, though, so we're going to trust them one more time on this.

In the meantime, head over here if you want some recent spoilers on characters seen on set as TWD films into the second half of Season 7. The new season starts Sunday, October 23 on AMC.

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