At the end of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 12, April Kepner (Sarah Drew) gave birth, rather dramatically, after an emergency C-section. What's next for her, and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) when Season 13 starts September 22 on ABC?

A fan asked Entertainment Weekly for any "Japril spoilers," and here's the response:

"For April and Jackson, this season will explore 'in a much lighter way, what it means to be uncoupled, to be divorced, and to have a kid, and how you do that?' EP Shonda Rhimes says. 'They're going to really try to do this in a healthy way, and is that healthy way going to feel so healthy when they still have feelings for each other?'"

We're seeing the words "lighter," "healthy," and "feelings," and it's giving us a lot of hope!

Sarah Drew hinted to some early Season 13 Japril action when posting a couple of #backtoschool photos from set:

And we're back at it #backtoschool #season13 @greysabc @ijessewilliams #japril+1

A photo posted by Sarah Drew (@thesarahdrewgreys) on

#Japril @ijessewilliams #greysanatomy

A photo posted by Sarah Drew (@thesarahdrewgreys) on

Back when April's pregnancy was first revealed (right after Jackson presented her with divorce papers) Sarah Drew shared her shock and hope to TV Guide:

"I was completely shocked when I read that in the script. I was like, oh my gosh. But I loved it. It was this beacon of hope that we could cling onto. So, I love it. I had no idea it was coming, and I'm so glad that it did."

Sounds like that hope is carrying over into Season 13. Speaking of hope, it was also recently revealed that Arizona will be getting a new love interest in the 2016-2017 season.

Season 13 premieres Thursday, September 22 on ABC.

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