When your favorite TV series is between seasons, you sometimes have to get creative with how to pass the time.

For the Seattle-based group Prom Queen, that apparently meant mashing up the "Stranger Things" theme song with that of one of its predecessors, '90s cult drama "Twin Peaks." The group took the two pieces and combined them to create a creep-tastic new track called "Stranger Peaks." The result is just like the two mysterious series: a little spooky but easy to get hooked on.

It's fitting that Prom Queen used the "Twin Peaks" theme for the mash-up. "Stranger Things" pays homage to its predecessors, with Netflix billing it as a "love letter to the supernatural classics of the '80s." Even though "Twin Peaks" came around a little later, it is part of the new series' history as well; co-creators the Duffer Brothers have specifically noted that they were influenced by "Twin Peaks" co-creator David Lynch, as EW points out.

Listen to "Stranger Peaks" below.
"Stranger Things" has been renewed for Season 2 and will return in 2017. Meanwhile, Showtime is bringing "Twin Peaks" back, and the follow-up will premiere next year as well.

[via: SoundCloud]