Siege of Jadotville50 Shades of what? Christian Grey who? Jamie Dornan does a complete 180 in the new Netflix film "The Siege of Jadotville."

The movie, which is based on a true story, follows a group of Irish United Stations troops sent to keep the peace in the Congo in 1961. Dornan stars as Commandant Pat Quinlan, who oversees the 150 soldiers. But soon, peace is broken when an overwhelming force of Katangese fighters attacked their compound, leading to a standoff that lasted six days.

Dornan and his fellow actors were put through the paces after director Richie Smyth decreed that they all needed to go through military training. "There's nothing worse than watching actors acting like they're in an action movie, pretending to run upstairs with guns and look serious," Smyth said. "The best way to get them to do that realistically is just to train them to be soldiers, so I did."

"The Siege of Jadotville" will stream on Netflix starting October 7.

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