The gorgeous, real-life San Francisco home that served as the exterior of the Tanner residence throughout the eight-season run of TGIF sitcom "Full House" can now be yours to rent -- if you have an extra $168,000 lying around, that is.

A Craigslist listing for the property, located at Broderick Street and Pine Street in San Francisco, recently revealed that the impressive three-story Victorian home is for rent, for a cool $13,950 per month. The owners, who purchased the property earlier this year for $4 million, are asking potential tenants to sign a one-year lease.

While that's certainly a steep asking price, photos from the listing reveal that the home, built in 1883, is totally worth it, and absolutely stunning, both inside and out. While it's had a couple distinctive paint jobs since its appearance on "Full House" (the stark white and grey exterior with the red door has been swapped out for a blue and white motif), it boasts beautiful Victorian architecture, three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a garage, hardwood floors, and a private backyard to entice potential renters. And -- have mercy! -- there's even a full-size wine fridge.

It shatters the "Full House" illusion a bit to realize that the house looks nothing like the interior of the Tanner home seen on the show (which now features prominently on sequel series "Fuller House"), but we'd dare say that the real thing is even better than its fictional counterpart. Plus, you never know when John Stamos might show up.

Now who wants to loan us some cash for rent?

[via: Craigslist, h/t People]

Photo credit: YouTube/Netflix