Oh, Alex. You can already see a dozen ways where Dr. Karev (Justin Chambers) is getting himself into more trouble in this "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 premiere sneak peek.

You know he ended Season 12 by putting his fists on DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), after misunderstanding what DeLuca was doing with a half-dressed (and fully drunk) Jo (Camilla Luddington) in the Season 12 finale.

This new sneak peek shows Alex not long after the confrontation -- his fist still has blood and bruises -- as he whispers with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) about what to do. She suggests going to the police, but he doesn't want to do that until he knows how bad things are with DeLuca's injuries. He pushes Mer to find out, having her go back to look at DeLuca's CT scans with her own eyes, to make sure the guy will really be OK.

So Alex is already building his deception, and it continues when he lies to a suspicious Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George) about his hand, saying he slipped in the rain. It's a lame lie and Warren sees through it. But even given an out, Alex just says he helped DeLuca by bringing him into the hospital. Sure, buddy.

All of this is going to catch up to Alex. TV Guide said this whole Jo/Alex thing divides the doctors with "sides being taken." It looks like Mer is with Alex, at least for now, but who is with Jo? DeLuca, probably (Shonda said he'll have a bigger role this season) but who else?

TVLine asked the good question of "Where is Jo?" in all of this. So far, the promos have focused on Alex's fear about what he did, but where is Jo and how is she going to react to this?

Here's ABC's synopsis for the Season 13 premiere, titled "Undo":

"When one of Grey Sloan's own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries to figure out what happened while the rest of the doctors jump in to help. Meredith juggles huge secrets that affect her relationships with Alex and Maggie. While Richard helps Jo with a big decision, April and Catherine clash over the new baby, on the season thirteen premiere of 'Grey's Anatomy.'"

Watch the episode Thursday, September 22 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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