Add Tom Hardy's character in his upcoming FX event series, "Taboo," to the list of people you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

FX has released a new teaser, and both Hardy's character and the 20-second preview itself are ominous. "I know things about the dead" is the first thing we hear in it, and the voice-over is made creepier by the image of a motionless body underwater. The teaser shows Hardy's character, James Delaney, as he returns to Britain after years in Africa, highlighting how he has changed in the time that he was gone.

Set in 1814, the miniseries centers on Delaney as he faces the dark legacy his father left behind. "Taboo" promises conspiracy, murder, love, betrayal, and family secrets -- all solid ingredients for an intriguing series. Based on the teaser, it seems safe to say that we're in for a wild ride.

Watch the foreboding video below. "Taboo," which is created by Steven Knight, premieres in early 2017 on FX.