supergirl, superman, season 2, the CWAt long last, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) will team up with her famous cousin Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) during the sophomore season of "Supergirl." A new teaser for the show's second season puts the spotlight on the dynamic duo's burgeoning partnership, proving that two heroes are certainly better than one -- but Supergirl is still the star here, and can still handle National City herself.

The lighthearted clip features several women -- and also Winn (Jeremy Jordan) -- fawning over the Man of Steel, but it's the friendly competition between the two super cousins that makes this new alliance appear to be such a strong addition to the show. Kara can't help but gloat when she gets all the media attention for the duo's joint efforts at saving the day, while Supes alter ego Clark Kent is the talk of the office at CatCo (evoking some annoyed eye rolling from Kara).

"I've dreamt of this moment," Kara gushes to her cousin about their team-up. It would seem that "Supergirl" fans could say the same thing.

Superman will make his official "Supergirl" debut when the show returns for its second season on new network The CW on October 10.

[via: Supergirl]

Photo credit: The CW