"Grey's Anatomy" is giving everyone new relationships in Season 13. Not only is Arizona getting some lovin', Alex will soon land himself a new bro-friend. But this relationship will also need the status "It's Complicated."

The end of Season 12 is still playing out for Dr. Karev. Obviously, DeLuca is not on his side, and Jo seems shocked and frightened about Alex beating up DeLuca over a misunderstanding. Meredith has basically backed Team Alex -- to the point where she almost threatened DeLuca -- and Maggie and Arizona are kind of in the middle. Maggie has a thing for Riggs, but she also had a thing with DeLuca. That's part of what makes Alex's new bromance especially complicated, because it's with Riggs. (Alex, Mer, and Riggs could just ride off into the sunset together and that might solve all the problems at once).

The bromance scoop was shared by Martin Henderson (Nathan Riggs) himself to Entertainment Weekly, after a fan asked about Alex's professional fate:

Will Alex go back to being a surgeon again on Grey's Anatomy? — Camilla L News

That's TBD. In the meantime, "There might be a little bit of a friendship between Riggs and possibly Alex Karev, which further complicates the Maggie thing," Martin Henderson tells me. "I did hear a hint that maybe a bit of a bromance starts, a mutual respect, and they don't hold anything against one another, and so I think that may be in the cards too."

"The Maggie thing" could probably be solved with one conversation, but no one ever keeps things simple on this show.

A bromance may be just what Alex needs right now, especially with a decent guy. But it sounds like things will get worse for him before they get better. Check out the synopsis for this Thursday's October 13 episode:

"Falling Slowly" - Alex tries to do the right thing but still cant catch a break. Jackson and April adjust to their "new normal" with the baby. While Meredith and Nathan establish what's going on between them, Amelia questions the state of her relationship with Owen.

Oh, Amelia. That did not take long. (Love the Japril tease, though. Happy to see those two taking "baby steps" in the right direction.) The bromance tease didn't say anything about Owen, but if Riggs gets closer to Alex, maybe Owen should bro out with DeLuca. That would really complicate things.

Here's the Episode 4 promo:

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