Donald Trump hosted "Saturday Night Live" on November 7, 2015 -- and even danced in a pretty great SNL parody of Drake's "Hotline Bling" -- but the honeymoon is way over.

This past weekend, Alec Baldwin returned with his Trump impression in SNL's sketch on the second presidential debate. That sketch started with the "moderators" openly introducing Clinton as "President Hillary Clinton." There were also a couple of different bits on Trump's wife Melania, including the spoof "Melanianade" -- with the Trump women going full Beyoncé -- and of course more political shots on Weekend Update:

Trump supporters have taken to comments on YouTube videos and around the net to blast SNL's perceived pro-Hillary bias, and Trump used his preferred outlet -- Twitter -- to share his thoughts on the show and the media at large:

At least he's still watching! As they say, all publicity is good publicity, especially with the candidate calling attention to the show himself. And since Alec Baldwin retweeted Trump's dis, it's safe to say he was not too offended.

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