Yikes. Screen Junkies ain't afraid of no ghosts but they clearly fear their own commenters. (And they may be right to.) They seemed reluctant to even do an Honest Trailer on the 2016 "Ghostbusters," wondering how it became the most political thing in the country in the middle of an election year. But after a big push to go there, they went there:

"Sigh. Are we sure we want to do this one? Fine, we'll do it, but we're turning off the comments. You did this to yourself, Internet!"

The video then issued a "Trigger Warning" for people set off by the very idea of this "Ghostbusters" reboot.

"Experience a film that created a perfect storm of hatred, uniting people who legitimately hated the trailers, people who legitimately hate reboots of classic films, and people who legitimately like to yell hateful nonsense on the Internet."

Cue a clip of Donald Trump yelling, "And now they're making Ghostbusters with only women. What's going on?"

Back to the Honest Trailer:

"Wait we're making a Ghostbusters video *and* calling out Trump? I am so getting doxed.

Get ready for the film that everyone and their blog rushed to judge before they'd even seen it, and proved to all the haters that ... it's bad. I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I mean, it's not as bad as they said it was going to be, but still. It's pretty bad.

Look out, boys, there's a brand new cast in town. And it's true, these Ghostbusters have no dick -- or chemistry -- as everyone in the ensemble plays the comic relief at the same time."

Yeah, not everyone can be Venkman, someone has to be the Egon. And maybe the film didn't need three jokes about soup and four dance sequences. But still. There are many lame reboots and remakes out there, some keeping the same name as the originals, and this is the one that basically broke the Internet and broke Screen Junkies enough that they felt the need to hide from their own viewers. Why so serious?

Here's the trailer, which currently has more than 1,372,300 views and zero comments:

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