85th Annual Academy Awards - Press RoomAfter she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2013, Anne Hathaway became one of the most polarizing figures in Hollywood, based solely on what audiences perceived as her fake demeanor and overly-earnest acceptance speech. Now, in a revealing new interview, the actress has admitted that there was some truth to those accusing her of adopting a false personality.

While speaking with The Guardian, Hathaway touched on the time leading up to and immediately following her Academy Award win for "Les Miserables." The actress said that filming the movie took a toll on her mental health, and she was still struggling with some inner demons when her name was called during the Oscars ceremony. Then, it was time for another performance.

Here's how she explained it to The Guardian:

I felt very uncomfortable. I kind of lost my mind doing that movie and it hadn't come back yet. Then I had to stand up in front of people and feel something I don't feel which is uncomplicated happiness. It's an obvious thing, you win an Oscar and you're supposed to be happy. I didn't feel that way. I felt wrong that I was standing there in a gown that cost more than some people are going to see in their lifetime, and winning an award for portraying pain that still felt very much a part of our collective experience as human beings. I tried to pretend that I was happy and I got called out on it, big time. That's the truth and that's what happened. It sucks. But what you learn from it is that you only feel like you can die from embarrassment, you don't actually die.

This admission certainly puts Hathaway's behavior in a new light, though we still don't think she deserved all the scorn she got after her big win. Sure, her acceptance speech may have been cheesy (she may never live down cooing "It came true" to her statuette), but being cheesy isn't a crime. At least, with a little space, it seems people have mostly forgiven and forgotten that period. Now we can focus on what's truly important: Making "Princess Diaries 3."

[via: The Guardian]

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