As "The Walking Dead" gears up for its season seven premiere this weekend, fans may need to do some brushing up on key plot points from the past six seasons. Thankfully, British comedy legend John Cleese is here to help you out.

In a hilarious video recap compiled by NOW TV, Cleese narrates audiences through six seasons of action on the AMC zombie drama, breaking down the biggest struggles and craziest bad guys our survivors have faced over the years, as well as all the different locations they've ping-ponged between, and all of the harsh lessons they've learned along the way. (Spoiler alert: Never look at the flowers.)

Cleese's posh accent and flippant tone make for an excellent foil to all of the blood and guts and abject sadness on display in the clip, which gives special shout-outs to The Governor, Merle, Terminus, and Bob's foot-turned-chew toy (you momentarily forgot about some of the Termites eating Bob's foot right in front of him, didn't you?). It's only a four-minute clip, but it's a surprisingly detailed summation of all of the horrors our group have faced over the past few years (and a reminder that Coral Carl was practically a baby when all of this started), and ends with the season six finale introduction of Negan.

"But who will survive Negan's bloody beating and incessant rhyming?" Cleese muses at the end of the clip. "You'll have to watch season seven to find out."

In the meantime, we'll be rewatching this hilarious video to distract us from all of the misery that lies ahead. Season seven of "The Walking Dead" debuts on October 23.

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC