Sarah Jessica Parker always expects to be fired, and she said it's not an uncommon trait among actors. She recently talked to Howard Stern about being fired from two animated films. She started the conversation by recalling when she was working on "State and Main" with Philip Seymour Hoffman; every weekend they'd talk about seeing each other again back at work, and she'd say, "unless I'm fired," because for the first two weeks she was sure she was going to be let go.

Stern asked if she had ever been fired from a movie, and she named 1998's "Antz" and 2004's "Home on the Range." She couldn't have been too upset about the latter, since she called it "At Close Range" ... unless that was an intentional dis. But probably not.

Here's part of her talk:

SJP: "I was fired from 'Antz.' That animated movie. And I was fired from 'At Close Range,' that other animated movie."

Howard Stern: "You were a bad ant?"

SJP: "Apparently I was a bad ant. I can't remember which movie fired me first. The first time they were like, 'We're going in a different direction.' Which I had always heard, like, as a joke. And that one was a cow. Wasn't 'At Close Range' the cows? I think it was. [...] And 'Antz' -- and by the way, just please know I did many sessions for both of these movies."

Stern: "Did you use your own voice or did you do a funny voice for an ant?"

SJP: "I had my own, and then they brought in Sharon Stone, and I was like, 'Oh you really did go a different -- like she's you know down here [deep voice]. She's like old movie star vixen."

Stern: "What was your ant voice, this voice that I'm hearing now?"

SJP: "Yeah, I guess they objected to it. What was upsetting was that they even called me the week before they fired me, they called me to tell me how great I was. Which I felt was a set-up, but I think they meant it at that time."

Poor SJP. Then again, history is on her side, since "Antz" was overshadowed by Pixar's "A Bug's Life" and probably no one remembers "Home on the Range." (Maybe if it had been called "At Close Range" it would've been more of a hit.)

Listen to the interview over here.

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