James McAvoy is one scary man with at least 23 dangerous personalities in the new trailer for "Split."

Universal Pictures dropped the latest trailer on Wednesday, and it highlights the ominous plot: a trio of girls abducted and held captive by a man with at numerous personalities and an unknown one likely to take over the rest. We see several of the different sides to Kevin (McAvoy) in the preview, and each seems more chilling than the last.

Led by Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), the girls come up with a plan: to convince one of Kevin's personalities to let them go. However, there seems to be a lot of trial-and-error -- emphasis on error -- in the teaser, so prepare yourself for a lot of dark twists and turns. With M. Night Shymamalan ("The Sixth Sense", "The Visit") having served as writer, director, and producer, that should be a given.

Let McAvoy freak you in the trailer.

"Split" is headed to theaters on Jan. 20.