Stranger ThingsLeggo her Eggos!

"Stranger Things." The fate of the superpower-wielding tween was left up in the air at the end of season 1, when she vanished while defeating the monster from the Upside Down.

But in the last scene of the finale Chief Hopper (David Harbour) left a box of Eggo waffles (her favorite food) in a box in the woods, indicating she could still be alive.

While the show confirmed the return of most of the cast, Brown was conspicuously left off the list. And season 2 added two new characters, including a girl named Max who "looks more like a boy than a girl."

Fear not, though — looks like Eleven will be back in some way. Season 2 picks up a year later, in 1984, and explores the "bigger mythology" of the Upside Down. It is expected to stream on Netflix sometime in 2017.

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