Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" is so hooked on that feeling it's going back for more. James Gunn's "Guardians" sequel wrapped back in June for its May 5, 2017 opening, but the cast and crew have returned for reshoots.

Actress Karen Gillan (Nebula) tweeted about it Monday:

A fan asked director James Gunn if it was true that GotG2 was in reshoots. Gunn is always open with information, and he confirmed it's true, and explained why it's pretty much true for everyone:

A fan joked, "but the internet told me reshoots mean that a movies awful?!" Gunn replied:

Gunn was asked how far in advance they schedule reshoots. Here's his reply:

Another commenter added, "sometimes based on the direction of an edit a few things need to be added to smooth the flow." Gunn replied:

Just add more Baby Groot! "Reshoots" get a bad rap, but they are not indicative of much. On a scale of 1 to 10 our worry for "Guardians" is at -5. They could seriously just show two hours of dancing Baby Groot and we'd pay to see it twice, but the rest of the movie sounds great too.

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