gilmore girls, rory, dean, sex sceneWe've all heard actors and actresses claim that filming sex scenes is an extremely awkward experience, but according to the stars behind one memorable "Gilmore Girls" moment, there was a specific, size-related reason that things got weird while depicting the deed.

Alexis Bledel and Jared Padalecki, who play Rory and Dean, recently chatted with Entertainment Weekly about shooting the first time that their characters slept together on the show. The shocking hook-up -- which occurred in the season four finale (and is shown in a little more detail in the season five premiere) when a married Dean cheats on his wife and Rory loses her virginity -- is certainly one of the most memorable moments in "Gilmore" history, but as Bledel and Padalecki tell it, they'll always remember filming the scene in question for an entirely different reason: trying to fit together on Rory's ridiculously small bed.

"It was like a miniature twin," Bledel recalled to EW. "In the outtakes I fell off that bed a couple of times."

Padalecki also remembered Bledel taking a tumble or two, and admitted that he used the camera angle to his advantage when trying to fit his tall frame onto the mattress.

"My feet definitely were off it," the actor told EW. "There was a shot where my waist to my head was laying on the bed but my legs were counterbalancing me on the floor so that I wouldn't roll off. ... It works for the scene because it was supposed to be awkward, so maybe that's why they bought the smallest bed on the planet."

Ah, the magic of television.

According to "Gilmore" creator Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life." Will she have anyone sharing her mattress in the Netflix revival? We have some theories, but we'll find out for sure when the new episodes debut on November 25.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]