Bachelor Nation may make history in 2017, and not just for the number of times they've cast Nick Viall. It's possible ABC will finally have a Bachelorette of color, casting a black woman from "The Bachelor" Season 21 as the lead for "The Bachelorette" Season 13. Maybe. We'll see.

New Bachelor Nick, the hated/loved/hated/loved runner-up of both "The Bachelorette" Seasons 10 and 11, who also searched for love/more TV time on "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 3, is starting his search for love on Monday, January 2, on ABC.
Reality Steve, whose "Bachelor" spoilers are usually spot on, posted Nick's final four today, along with the "winner" of who Nick is said to pick.

Corinne Olympios 24, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Rachel Lindsay 31, Dallas, Texas
Raven Gates 25, Hoxie, Arkansas
Vanessa Grimaldi 29, Montreal, Canada

Final Four Elimination: Corinne (According to Steve, she's the "villain" of the season. As he put it, "Yeah, she's going to be the talk of the season and it starts rather early when during a group date, she takes her top off during a photo shoot and takes Nick's hands and puts them on her breasts. And yes, Nick was aware Corinne wasn't liked by a lot of the other girls.")

Final Three Elimination: Rachel

Raven Gates
Vanessa Grimaldi

Winner: "Nick is engaged to Vanessa."

So now that we have the major spoiler of "The Bachelor" 2017, what about "The Bachelorette" 2017?

Here's Steve's take on it:

FACT: In the 12 previous "Bachelorette" seasons, every one of the leads finished in the top 4 of the "Bachelor" season they were on.
FACT: There has never been a black woman who made the final 4 of the "Bachelor" in 20 previous seasons before Nick's.
FACT: Rachel Lindsay is black.
Does that mean that Rachel is gonna be the next "Bachelorette?" I don't know. This show is capable of anything at this point. She's obviously a serious candidate, that's a given.

Here's hoping Rachel wins over viewers, and helps this franchise better reflect how people (single and otherwise) actually look. But if she's boring, all bets are off. Sorry, but this is reality TV and there have already been too many boring leads (mostly male, though). Read the full post for more spoilers, photos, and details on Vanessa, Rachel, and the other ladies. ABC has yet to share official "Bachelor" Season 21 cast bios, but those should be coming soon.

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