Late last week, actress Isla Fisher spilled the beans that plans were in motion to finally make a sequel to 2005 blockbuster "Wedding Crashers," and now, we have some more details about the project that make it sound like it's very close to actually happening.

Deadline reports that "Wedding Crashers 2" already has a script, written by the team of Evan Susser & Van Robichaux, who impressed studio New Line with their pitch. The duo already has another feature in the works at the studio, the comedy "Fist Fight," starring Ice Cube and, which is due in theaters in February 2017.

What Deadline's report stresses, however, is that the flick still doesn't have an official green light from New Line, and that's thanks in part to needing the approval of the four principal stars of the original -- , , , and Fisher -- on the sequel's script, as well as hammering out deals for all of them to reprise their roles. Considering that McAdams in particular has become an especially in-demand star as of late, with high-profile roles in flicks like "Doctor Strange," it's going to be costly to get everyone on board.

Still, it seems likely that those actors would be interested in making it work, after Fisher said that Vaughn was the one who told her about the sequel in the first place, and Fisher announced the project on national television. We'll remain cautiously optimistic that "Wedding Crashers 2" will eventually see the light of day.

[via: Deadline]