Teen Choice Awards 2016 - ArrivalsWe don't have to wait for "Fuller House" Season 2 to hit Netflix to learn all of its secrets -- Jodie Sweetin recently spilled some key information. How not rude.

The actress will be back as Stephanie Tanner (aka the other D.J. Tanner) in the second season of the "Full House" sequel series, and it sounds like there's a lot in store for the free-spirited sister. In fact, Sweetin promised "some really crazy storylines" during an interview with Parade.

First, Stephanie will be getting a little more love in her life. This won't come as a shock if you've seen the Season 2 trailer -- it showed her cozying up with a surprising, yet hilariously fitting new man.

"She gets a love interest," Sweetin told Parade. "I think the fans are really going to love who it winds up being."

Based on the trailer, her bet seems like a safe one. The guy in question is -- wait for it -- a Gibbler. Yes, as in related to Kimmy (Andrea Barber), the longtime target of Stephanie's snarky comments and now housemate. And he's no distant cousin, either. Stephanie's love interest, Jimmy (Adam Hagenbuch), is Kimmy's similarly quirky brother.

On top of the developments in her love life in the upcoming season, Stephanie will have her music career to keep her busy, too. Sweetin teased that her character will do "a lot of fun stuff with that." She revealed that she has been exercising her creativity, and she even worked on a song with Juan Pablo Di Pace, who plays Fernando.

Clearly, there's a lot to look forward to when the "Fuller House" shenanigans continue. Season 2 hits Netflix on Dec. 9.

[via: Parade]