"The Tonight Show." Norton made fun of Leo's obsession with devices, his obsession with what club might be "blowing up" at any given moment, his obsession with barely legal supermodels (yep, he went there), and his obsession with almost getting himself killed. That last one is more accidental than obsession, but Norton made it sound like Leo is a modern Mr. Magoo.

Norton -- who is seriously hilarious -- told Jimmy Fallon the story of saving Leo from drowning during a diving trip to the Galapagos Islands. Leo could've easily saved himself, but he got caught up watching one of his devices.

The life-saving part is great, but not as great as this pre-life-saving shade:

Norton: "Leo, I love him, but he's very addicted to devices and things like that, right? And I know this about him. He's like the human equivalent of call waiting. If you're talking to him, he's totally [listening], but then he's checking [his device] 'cause this club might be blowing up or that club -- he's trying to check which club might be blowing up, and which Israeli supermodel turned 18 four hours ago."


Fallon: "He's got that app? Good for him."

Norton also explained why they call DiCaprio "Unlucky Leo," despite that seeming like the last thing you'd want to call a guy who could get any supermodel he wants. Apparently he has almost had parachutes not open when skydiving, he's had plane engines blow up on him, and then this near-drowning happened, thanks to Leo focusing on his camera instead of the dive:

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