With "Game of Thrones" returning later than usual this year, there's no shortage of months to speculate on what fascinating madness Season 7 will bring. Thanks to a new photo, we may know one more character who will be involved when the time comes.

*There are spoilers ahead, so consider yourself warned.*

There's only so much you can keep hidden in the internet age, and once again, social media seems to have unveiled one of the show's secrets. Fans apparently caught a group of cast members out for drinks in Belfast -- including a familiar face whose Season 7 return hasn't been confirmed. Joseph Mawle, who has had an infrequent but recurring role as Benjen Stark over the years, was among the group.

When we last saw Benjen, he saved Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) and Meera (Ellie Kendrick) from the White Walkers, only to leave them shortly thereafter. Though brief, his Season 6 appearance sparked speculation that he is the character Coldhands from the books, a theory the showrunners later confirmed. The fact that Mawle has been spotted in Northern Ireland with the cast seems to bode well for his return -- and for us learning more about the mysterious character.

The wait continues, but at least now we have new material to agonize over.

[via: The Independent]