Even Wookiees can sing Christmas carols.

The holiday classic "Silent Night" has gotten a "Star Wars" spin, thanks to the YouTube account How It Should Have Ended and viral video creator James Covenant. Their joint project features Chewbacca singing the carol, but instead of getting actor Peter Mayhew to do it himself, they updated audio created by web designer Scott Anderson in 1999 that splices together sound bites from the space opera films to form the song.

As you can imagine, Chewbacca's roaring isn't exactly beautiful or always on key. It is entertaining to see how musical his sounds can be with a little help, though. The original didn't need much improving, but the new video features footage that does add to the fun. It shows Han Solo (Harrison Ford) making a cameo and hilariously scolding his companion.

The Force and the Christmas spirit make for a powerful combination.