Fans have already been introduced to the would-be Joker, Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), on Fox's "Batman" prequel series "Gotham," and soon, they'll meet the proto version of the villain's right-hand gal.

Yes, none other than Harley Quinn (or some early take on her, anyway) is set to grace the streets of Gotham, and according to the show's executive producer, it's going to be very soon -- perhaps even in the upcoming season three finale.

"We might see [her] in Episode 22," producer John Stephens teased in an interview with TV Guide.

Here's some additional scoop about what fans can expect going forward, per TV Guide:

Word is that the Harley character will be the "launching point" for the central plot of Season 4, so get ready, Gotham fans. Stephens assures us, "It's crazy."

Ahead of the season three premiere last fall, Stephens had previously noted that the show had a proto-Harley in the works, but may or may not introduce her this year. There was some concern about launching the character so soon after she appeared on the big screen, played by Margot Robbie in a star-making performance in "Suicide Squad" last summer. But it looks like the "Gotham" team is confident that enough time has passed that their take on the character is now clear to make her own impression on DC fans.

"Gotham" is set to wrap season three sometime this spring.

[via: TV Guide]