68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ShowAre you ready for the 2017 Oscars? First-time host Jimmy Kimmel is not. He admitted to TheWrap that he's been having nightmares about it, and not just because it's possible Matt Damon could win another trophy.

Nominations for the 89th Academy Awards will be announced this coming Tuesday morning, Jan. 24. The ceremony itself airs live Sunday, Feb. 26 on ABC.

Kimmel told TheWrap he's "a ball of anxiety" about hosting the Oscars, admitting a fear of failing that drives him every day. He already revealed his low pay for the job, which might set a low bar if he didn't know tens of millions of people would still be watching around the world. It's not clear what we'll get from him (although his gig hosting the 2016 Emmys was probably a hint) but he acknowledged that "sensitivity" is not his strong suit and he gets a "thrill out of edgy material."

His longtime (fake) feud with Matt Damon is hardly edgy, but fans can probably expect a few jokes at Damon's expense as well. Damon is not likely to be nominated in any acting categories, but he is a producer on "Manchester by the Sea," which has a strong chance of being a Best Picture nominee. That would put Damon in the audience as a potential winner, and speaker, if the film wins Best Picture. (Damon already has an Oscar for writing "Good Will Hunting" with Ben Affleck.)

TheWrap had some fun with the Kimmel/Damon feud in a few Q&A snippets:

Are you happy that your nemesis Matt Damon didn't get the hosting gig?

Well, he claims he didn't have time ... It's just another in a series of bad decisions he's made. I think we are all hoping he doesn't get nominated. And if he does get nominated — God forbid — I think we are all hoping he doesn't win.

Is this feud ever going to end?

When one of us is dead, perhaps. Maybe when we're both dead.

So you'd never host the Oscars with him?

Oh no, why would I associate with someone like that?

What movie do you hope gets its deserved recognition?

There are a lot of good movies — I don't think it's my place to say what movie I hope. I just hope Matt Damon loses — that's my number one thing. There are a lot of deserving winners, but there is only one deserving loser.

Ahhh. The world is ever-changing around us, but the Kimmel/Damon feud remains a constant. It's our comfort food.

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