Pixar loves to hide Easter eggs in its movies, and finding them has become something of a sport for fans.

To help viewers who didn't quite see some of these eggs, Pixar released a video on Facebook revealing some of these fun references. The connections between all of their movies fuels the "Pixar Theory" that they all exist in the same universe.

Some of the Easter eggs include a memory in "Inside Out" of Riley and her parents checking out a dinosaur figure — that looks a lot like Forrest the Styracosaurus in "The Good Dinosaur." There's a carving of Sully from "Monsters Inc." that Merida sees in "Brave." Lightning McQueen of "Cars" is a toy in the background of "Toy Story." And on and on ...

Who knows what Easter eggs Pixar will hide in upcoming movies like "Cars 3" and "The Incredibles 2"? Keep a sharp eye out.

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