ben affleck, sad affleck, the sound of silence, batman v supermanBen Affleck may not like being peppered with questions about his role as Batman in the DCEU while on the press tour for his latest flick, "Live by Night," but that hasn't stopped the actor from talking about those superhero films anyway. And now, he's finally responding to the now-infamous "Sad Affleck" meme that came about after his press tour for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

For the uninitiated, the meme sprung up after harsh reviews of "Dawn of Justice" were published, and a fan edited some interview footage of Affleck sitting quietly next to Henry Cavill to make it appear as if Affleck were contemplating some deep inner turmoil. The video slowly zooms in on Affleck's blank expression, while the classic tune "The Sound of Silence" plays in the background.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 about "Live by Night," the conversation naturally turned to Affleck's Batman role, and the actor was asked what he learned about filmmaking from working on such a large-scale production. Affleck couldn't help but bring up the "Sad Affleck" video.

"It taught me not to do interviews with Henry Cavill where I don't say anything and they can lay Simon and Garfunkel tracks over it," he joked. "That's one thing I learned."

We appreciate that Affleck can poke some fun at himself after the fact, though we wonder if he was still silently stewing over having to talk about the DC-verse in the first place. We're just waiting for the inevitable video where someone edits a mournful tune over this interview footage, too.