At long last, the first teaser trailer for Lifetime's upcoming unauthorized Britney Spears biopic is upon us, and it's just as bonkers as you'd expect.

The short clip features narration from Spears (played by Aussie actress Natasha Bassett), juxtaposed over images of the wildly successful pop star's career -- as well as her infamous mid-2000s meltdown, in which she shaved her head and lashed out at the paparazzi. There are also glimpses of her cavorting with Kevin Federline (Clayton Chitty), writing around onstage in front of hordes of screaming fans, and smiling and waving to cameras in happier times.

But the moment when she turns on the electric razor is certainly the most memorable, as the singer laments, "Everything's just kind of this blur, you know? Until you hit rock bottom."

Later, a struggling Spears says, "I want to be strong, for my fans. They're what's keeps me going."

Questionable grammar aside, this unauthorized movie has also come under fire for its less-than-stellar casting, featuring a group of actors who may as well be playing a bunch of strangers rather than celebs like Spears, her onetime paramour Justin Timberlake, and the rest of *NSYNC. Nevertheless, we'll totally be tuning in for the inevitable cheesiness.

"Britney Ever After" debuts on Lifetime on February 18.

[via: Lifetime/Twitter]