Welcome to the "New Release Rundown," where we run down the most anticipated movies coming to theaters in February 2017. Let's dive right in...

February blasts off with sci-fi heart-melter "The Space Between Us" and horror sequel "Rings" getting wide releases on the 3rd.

February 10th premieres a trio of heavy hitters, including "The Lego Batman Movie," the sequel shoot-em-up "John Wick: Chapter 2" and the hotly anticipated "Fifty Shades Darker," all of which feature low-lighting and people getting tied up -- but for VERY different reasons.

Another triple threat hits theaters the following weekend: horror-thriller "A Cure for Wellness," school-yard brawl comedy "Fist Fight," and the Matt Damon helmed action-fantasy "The Great Wall" square off for box office supremacy on February 17th.

On February 24th, along with action movie "Collide" and the animated "Rock Dog," we get the Jordan Peele-helmed horror-thriller "Get Out," which is getting attention for its racially charged spookiness.