"Westworld" aren't an obvious pairing, but they go surprisingly well together.

A new Funny or Die video takes the stars of the classic '90s western comedy, Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern, and has them reprise their roles alongside "Westworld" stars Luke Hemsworth (Stubbs) and Ptolemy Slocum (Sylvester). With some background from Stubbs, we learn that Mitch (Crystal) and Phil (Stern) are actually hosts. Their narrative -- "dissasisfied city slicker rides out west with his friends to herd cattle and try to find his smile again" -- was once one of the best-selling ones, in fact.

It's fun to see Mitch and Phil's dynamic in this new context. As hosts, Mitch feels he has license to shoot his friend all the time, and the two are becoming a problem for Stubbs. The security head finds their bickering hard to take and decides "their core friendship parameters have to be realigned."

See how the duo fares in the hilarious video below.