'Suicide Squad' - European Premiere - Red Carpet ArrivalsMargot Robbie's Tonya Harding offers a passionate defense of her skating -- and bright pink outfit -- in a furtively shot clip from the upcoming biopic "I, Tonya." The real Tonya Harding has spoken about this particular incident in the past, and you can watch both Tonyas in videos below.

TMZ posted the movie clip (is one of their paps working on set?), which shows Robbie's Harding telling off figure skating judges for their perceived bias against her and her clothing. This is part of the lead-up to the Team Tonya attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan during training for the 1994 Olympics.

The video is at TMZ, but it's also traveling the web:Most of that really happened. Tonya Harding previously told ESPN/ABC News about the year she competed in a bright pink skating costume she had made herself:

"One of the judges came up to my afterward and said 'You know what, if you ever wear anything like that again at a U.S. championships you will never do another one.' And I told them where to go. I said, 'Well, you know what, if you can come up with $5,000 for a costume for me then I won't have to make it. But until then, stay out of my face.'"

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If you can't see that video above, watch it at ABC News.

History has not been too kind to Tonya Harding but -- before that dramatic wrong turn -- she should've been hailed as the working-class underdog, with Nancy Kerrigan as the privileged princess. Maybe "I, Tonya" will try to get history back on her side. The movie is expected some time in 2018.

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