belle, beauty and the beast, emma watson, song, sing, singing, singsYet another preview of Emma Watson's lovely singing voice in "Beauty and the Beast" has been made available to audiences ahead of the film's debut next month, and the charming clip has us even more eager to see the actress in action as iconic Disney princess Belle.

The clip, released by the official "Beauty" Twitter account, features the introductory tune "Belle," in which the townsfolk of our heroine's quaint provincial village greet each other with "bonjour"s while they gossip about the quirky newcomer. Belle, oblivious to their rudeness and nosiness, exchanges pleasantries with local merchants (sadly, the "Marie! The baguettes! Hurry up!" portion of the song from the original seems to have been left on the cutting room floor), feeds livestock, and skips on stones across a pond while villagers fuss over that "funny girl."

In addition to fleshing out our heroine (and giving fans a preview of the flick's fantastical look and feel), the clip also provides some context for a later scene in the film that Watson recently teased in an interview. Belle, who in the remake is an inventor, devises a prototype for a washing machine, and uses it to relieve the little girls seen scrubbing laundry in this clip so she can teach them how to read. Only the boys in town are allowed to go to school (in the clip, we see them marching into the building in lock step), and when the rest of the town gets wind of Belle's plans, they break her machine.

Audiences will see for themselves how everything fits together when "Beauty and the Beast" opens on March 17.

[via: Beauty and the Beast/Twitter]