People's 'Ones To Watch' - Arrivals"Westworld" Season 1 has come and gone, and Season 2 is on its way, but we still don't know exactly who will be along for the ride.

Jimmi Simpson recently talked to CinemaBlend about whether or not we'd see more of his character, William, when the sci-fi thriller returns. If you're hoping the answer is yes, don't get your hopes up too high. He didn't make the outlook sound good.

Simpson referred to his Season 2 involvement as "unclear," which makes sense given that -- Season 1 spoiler alert! -- he was revealed to be an earlier version of the Man in Black (Ed Harris), and his storyline came to a neat end.

"I feel like this story, the love affair [with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood)], we know everything, we know what happens, we don't have to belabor that point," he told CinemaBlend.

If the creative team did decide to bring him back, he thinks they'd need "a whole new kind of story." That said, he sounds open to the possibility.

"I wouldn't be surprised if William showed up Season 3 or something," he said.

With "Westworld," anything is possible, so no need to say your goodbyes yet. Just prepare yourself for another addicting season. Simpson predicted that Season 2 "will blow our minds."

[via: CinemaBlend]