"Game of Thrones" fans, now is the time to celebrate -- we finally have a Season 7 premiere date!

The seventh season of the show will premiere July 16, 2017, so get your viewing party costumes and snacks ready. HBO unveiled the premiere date in fiery, dramatic (and insanely malfunctioning) fashion via Facebook Live, melting a block of ice containing the precious digits in realtime.

HBO released a fire and ice-themed poster for the new season earlier today, giving book lovers something to really get excited about -- after all, the first book in the series is titled "A Song of Ice and Fire."

Season 6 ended with Daenerys finally making her way to Westeros, where we can only assume she meets up with Jon Snow and that winter that's been coming for what feels like forever.

Is the poster telling us that Daenerys's dragons are bringing their fire to the ice of Westeros? We really hope so, because that sounds AWESOME.