"A Ghost Story" features a dead man haunting his wife, but this is no horror story.

Instead, the movie -- which debuted to raves at Sundance -- is a contemplative, moody drama starring Oscar winner Casey Affleck as the aforementioned dead man. He dies in a car crash and then returns to watch over his wife (Rooney Mara) ... wearing a white bed sheet with two eyeholes. He continues to haunt her as she grieves and tries to move on with her life.

As reviews from Sundance have pointed out, "A Ghost Story" is not a horror movie or a thriller, nor quite a romantic drama. It defies categorization. And the movie was shot in a unique way, in a square ratio. Once Affleck's character dies, you never see the actor (not even his eyes through the holes), nor hear him, but he is there under the sheet. An interesting choice for a newly-minted Oscar winner.

"A Ghost Story" opens in theaters July 7.

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