Not all fan theories are created equal, but they're fun to ponder nonetheless.

Thanks to "Game of Thrones" fans are in for an abundance of intriguing ones. The website's theory generator offers numerous unexpected possibilities by allowing users to match any of 10 remaining characters with 10 possible outcomes. The site then provides an explanation of how each outcome could come to be, or have already unfolded, such as Sansa (Sophie Turner) killing the Night King or Cersei (Lena Headey) controlling the White Walkers.

While the brains behind the site openly admit the theories are "crazy," some are incredibly convincing at the same time. If you look up how Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) could have been behind the Red Wedding, for example, here's what you get:

In her Targaryen worldview, everyone from a Stark to a Lannister to a Baratheon is an enemy because they all brought down her family. As such, Dany has a motive to eliminate House Stark. On her travels in Essos, Dany came to know Talisa Maegyr and sent her to seduce Robb Stark, so Robb would break his promise to marry a Frey, causing Walder Frey's betrayal. Little did Talisa know that she herself would perish. The Freys had instructions to kill only Robb and Cat but something got misinterpreted.

It's out there ... but also kind of not, right? Improbable doesn't mean impossible, and definitely not on "Game of Thrones."

There are plenty of other thought-provoking ideas, too, especially considering the number of characters and outcomes the generator lets you combine. The tool makes it easy to connect people to events and actions you'd never have associated with them, so prepare to have your mind boggled. Warning, though: Once you go down this rabbit hole, it may take a long time to get out.

[h/t: Winter Is Coming]