Jimmy Kimmel has launched a one-man protest of celebrity promposals. He even hates the "obnoxious" word promposal. The late-night host is asking us to return to a simpler time before social media, when guys who wanted prom dates just called girls on the phone -- then hung up the phone in fear if they actually answered. Instead, we live in a world of celebrity promposals like the recent one where a teen from Arizona re-enacted "La La Land" to ask Emma Stone to prom.

It was creative and sweet, and Emma Stone responded to thank the teen for "the greatest proposal" she'd ever received. She declined, though, saying she was working in London. Jimmy Kimmel argued that she was basically forced to say that, 'cause she'd be vilified if she didn't respond in some way, even though it's "creepy" for a kid to ask an adult celebrity on a date.

Here's Kimmel's argument on last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live":

"It's a cute story, I know, I get it. But it's also terrible and it has to be stopped. Listen, kid, Emma Stone, whether she's in London or not, doesn't want to go to the prom with you. At all. Like, it's probably the last thing she wants to do. And not because she's in London working. She doesn't want to go to a dance with you because she's 28, and 28-year-old people don't want to go on dates with 16-year-old children. Because it's creepy. Why do we find it socially acceptable for a boy to ask an adult celebrity on a date?"

What if it was the other way around, Kimmel asked. What if Shia LaBeouf showed up at a high school looking for a date? He'd be beaten and arrested.

"But when this kid asks Emma Stone, oh, it's adorable, we put him on 'GMA.' In fact, this is a hostage situation, because if Emma Stone didn't write him a letter, she'd look like a jerk."

He's right. It was a cute story, but Kimmel has a point. He made more points in his impassioned rant on the subject, so watch it all:

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