Maybe someone at Lucasfilm needs to have a conversation with Carrie Fisher's brother? After Todd Fisher spoke out to say Fisher's Leia would continue into "Star Wars: Episode IX," Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy told ABC News that's not actually true.

"Sadly, Carrie will not be in [Episode] 9," Kennedy said. "But we will see a lot of Carrie in 8, which is great." Kennedy said Todd Fisher "was probably confused." She said they finished everything for Episode VIII over the summer, and "Carrie is absolutely phenomenal in the movie." By the time Carrie Fisher died in December, they had done a lot of planning for Episode IX, but hadn't written the script yet. "We regrouped, we stared over in January," Kennedy explained, and figured out a way forward without General Leia Organa.

Watch more from her here:

At least we know Leia will have a major role in Episode VIII, aka "The Last Jedi," which opens December 15.

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