Get ready for more awkward passes at Rick Grimes, 'cause uber-creepy Jadis is now a "Walking Dead" series regular. According to TVLine, AMC has upgraded three actors to series regular status for Season 8, which should soon start filming for its October premiere:

• Pollyanna McIntosh, who plays Jadis, leader of the Scavengers, currently in a tentative alliance with Negan and the Saviors against Team Alexandria/Hilltop/Kingdom.

• Steven Ogg, who plays Simon, right-hand man of Negan, and all-around scenery-chewing badass. So glad to see more of him in Season 8.

• Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid, JSS-ing teen who is kinda dating Carl Grimes, as much as one dates in the zombie apocalypse, and who is also kinda Maggie Green Rhee's adopted child.

There's no guarantee that series regular status means these guys will have dominant roles in Season 8, or survive the entirety of the season. Don't forget that Andrew J. West (Gareth) was promoted to series regular ahead of TWD Season 5, and his Gareth only made it through a few episodes of that season. But it does suggest these characters are *Important* somehow and worthy of a new contract note.

Enid has been on TWD since our group first got to Alexandria in Season 5. Simon has been a recurring character since Season 6. Jadis just showed up as a recurring character in three episodes of the second half of Season 7.

TWD Season 8 will premiere in October.

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