The sharks are circling — and Mandy Moore has no way out in the trailer for "47 Meters Down."

Moore plays a woman who goes on a post-breakup vacation to Mexico with her sister (Claire Holt). Locals persuade them to go shark cage diving, assuring them it's completely safe. But once they get in the cage, the line breaks and the cage sinks 47 meters down to the ocean floor.

And all the while, huge great white sharks — drawn there by blood thrown into the water by the crew — circle and begin snapping at the cage. The sisters will have to find a way back to the surface through the deadly sharks before their air runs out.As the "This Is Us" star told Entertainment Weekly, "The majority of the movie is us completely freaking out. Imagine somebody who's at the bottom of the ocean, who's never gone diving before, doesn't know how to clear her air or what any of her equipment does. It's the f—ing most terrifying nightmare on the planet to her. Most of the time I was shooting, I would be going through my [oxygen] tank in two seconds because I was hyperventilating."

"47 Meters Down" opens in theaters June 16.