"We're not bad people," "Bloodline" Season 3. "But we did a bad thing."

Just the one? Quite a few people would beg to differ. The super-intense trailer hints at the complete collapse of the Rayburns in the third and final season of the Netflix drama. Chandler's John Rayburn gets a call from younger brother Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz), who has just bashed in the head of detective Marco because he knew too much about their murderous misdeeds. Recall that John killed their brother, Danny, and Kevin and sister Meg (Linda Cardellini) helped cover it up.

Marco, by the way, was once engaged to Meg, so this is a seriously messed-up family. "Whatever they tell you, don't believe a word — it's lies," a character warns another of the Rayburns.

The 10-episode final season of "Bloodline" begins streaming May 26 on Netflix.