2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards - ShowThe biggest movie of the year (so far) got a new take at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday.

With Emma Watson looking on, three "Pitch Perfect 2" stars re-imagined the "Beauty and the Beast" ball to open the show. Host Adam DeVine took the role of the Beast, and his co-star Hailee Steinfeld volunteered to play Belle, revealing that she was wearing just the outfit to do it -- a "coincidence," of course. With the lead roles sorted, DeVine brought out Rebel Wilson, clad in a giant teapot, to play Mrs. Potts.

The audience seemed excited to see the Pitch Perfect gang's comedic take on the classic story, but perhaps no one was more excited than Emma Watson. She look absolutely thrilled to see Steinfeld filling her shoes (and golden gown). Watson can rest easy knowing that she won't be usurped in the hearts of fans; she took home the award for Best Actor in a Movie and the film score Movie of the Year.

If you want to watch a portion of the opening below, be our guest. Look for Waston's reaction around the 8-second mark.