Daaaaamn, talk about an explosive episode. No wonder the "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 finale is titled "Ring of Fire." As Stefon would put it, the penultimate hour, "True Colors," had everything, and fans weren't the only ones blown away.

UPDATE: Turns out, this episode, and the finale, were not as deadly as we feared. Good news, for once!

• Alex Karev tracked down Jo Wilson's abusive ex husband, who was indeed Matthew Morrison's Dr. Paul Stadler. Alex had some fantasy sequences, imagining going undercover as Alex Stevens (IZZIE) to confront the guy and beat him up, then also imagining that Stadler found Jo and beat her. In reality, Alex did nothing but let the guy steal his cab. This does not feel over.

• Jo Wilson's real name is Brooke? Brooke Stadler?

• Owen Hunt was told his sister Megan -- also Nathan Riggs's girlfriend at the time she went MIA -- is actually alive. So now we have the potential return of Megan to come between Meredith and Riggs (although Riggs was cheating on Megan at the time), but at least Owen had some good news, for once.

• (UPDATE: Nope on this one! As it turns out, Step lived long enough to be a superhero, then quit the hospital.) Dr. Stephanie Edwards died. Or she almost certainly died. We knew actress Jerrika Hinton was leaving "Grey's" for an HBO show, and it looks like this is how Stephanie exits. It's hard to see how she could survive that giant fire bomb. She died trying to help people, believing the best of humanity until it backfired on her, trying to stop rapist Keith from blowing the place sky high. The episode ended with Meredith arriving at Grey Sloan to see a huge explosion. U

Of course, fans had STRONG reactions to everything, especially Stephanie's storyline:

The "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 finale is next, airing Thursday, May 18 at 8 p.m. on ABC. It's meant to have an amazing cliffhanger, leading into a "spectacular" Season 14.

Here's the promo for the season finale:

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