The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are ready to rumble.

Netflix released a new trailer Monday for "GLOW," its upcoming comedy-drama starring Alison Brie. The preview introduces her character, Ruth, and the other unconventional women who will be at the center of the ring -- complete with teased hair, bright leotards, and legwarmers aplenty.

Set in the '80s, the series follows Ruth, a struggling actress, as she joins a women's professional wrestling circuit as a way to get in front of the camera. As the trailer shows, the Gorgeous Ladies are supposed to put on a unique show. To entertain, they take on specific (and often stereotypical) characters and build storylines, led by Sam (Marc Maron), a has-been movie director with a drug problem. Of course, the power struggles aren't just in front of the camera; Ruth finds a rival in Debbie (Betty Gilpin), an actress trying to make her comeback.

Set for 10 episodes, "GLOW" premieres June 23 on Netflix.