The early reactions to "Wonder Woman" were terrific and now the full reviews are possibly even better. The movie, which opens June 2, currently has an impressive 96% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here's some of the raves for the film, which stars Gal Gadot as the Amazon warrior:

"A rollicking action adventure in the tradition of 'Indiana Jones.' -- Cath Clarke, Time Out

"An electrifying, breathtaking cinematic achievement... one of the best superhero movies of all time... It is outrageously bold and confident, insanely fun and thrilling, powerfully dramatic and delightfully amusing, all rolled into one epic superhero outing." -- Mark Hughes, Forbes

"The DCEU's game gets raised. Gadot is a godsend, [Chris] Pine charms, and [Patty] Jenkins delivers old-school thrills with heart and conviction." -- Kevin Harley, Total Film

"'Wonder Woman' is the best movie Marvel rival DC Comics has put out in its own cinematic universe, and unlike the recent parade of bleak superhero tales from both studios, it makes you feel good while you watch it." -- Kelly Lawler, USA Today

Of course, some reviewers were less enthusiastic:

"It's not perfect, but it's often good, sometimes great and exceptionally re-watchable." -- Lindsay Bahr, Associated Press

The harshest review is from The Guardian's Steve Rose, who calls Gadot's Wonder Woman "a weaponized Smurfette." Ouch! (And who knew Brits spelled "estrogen" as "oestrogen"?) "It's plagued by the same problems that dragged down previous visits to the DC movie world: over-earnestness, bludgeoning special effects, and a messy, often wildly implausible plot. What promised to be a glass-ceiling-smashing blockbuster actually looks more like a future camp classic," writes Rose.

Despite that knock, it's an overwhelmingly great critics' reaction compared to "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," which has a 28% Rotten Tomatoes score; and "Suicide Squad," which only managed a 25% RT score.