The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast In Los AngelesIt's hard to find anything people on both sides of the political divide can agree on, but -- at least today -- it's Kathy Griffin. Almost everyone thinks her recent photo shoot was disgusting, with the possible exception of the photographer who shot the image. Griffin eventually apologized for the photo, which showed her holding a bloody decapitated head resembling President Donald Trump:

The Right used the image as an example of liberal hypocrisy, talking about love while showing intolerance and hate. The Left used the image to emphasize the point that it's not OK when conservatives cross the line with thinly veiled threats to Obama and Clinton (and they've gone there, multiple times), so it's not OK to do the same to Trump.

Here are some reactions to Griffin's photo shoot:

Here's Griffin's apology:

Photographer Tyler Shields explained and defended the concept of the shoot in a talk with EW.

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