It's "Rabbit Season" in "The Walking Dead" Season 8, which must mean ____. That last part is for you. That's your Mad Libs assignment. 'Cause right now, we got nothin' but Looney Tunes jokes.

Greg Nicotero does everything but the catering for the AMC show, including directing. The Season 8 premiere, the 100th episode, seems to be completed by now, so it's possible this clip from his Instagram is from the second (or third) episode of the 2017-2018 season. Or Nicotero may have saved this little premiere scene as a tease for fans.

Here's the brief clip, showing a walker moving past a sign:

A post shared by Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) on

The sign says "Rabbit Season" and the clapboard also says "Rabbit Season," but is that the name of this particular scene or the episode? Will that sign stay that way into the season? It looks too brand new, and not as beat up as this walker, and everything else a couple of years into the zombie apocalypse. Plus, the camerawork is hand-held and shaky, not like typical TWD footage. What exactly are we seeing? Maybe it doesn't matter, but we love a good tease.

Nicotero offered no caption, but at least he gave us something before the official Season 8 photos and sneak peeks start coming out. And we should expect the official trailer at San Diego Comic-Con in July, as usual.

So far, AMC has been busy promoting "Fear the Walking Dead," but pretty soon we should get more from them on the flagship show, beyond this re-post of the Motion Comic for the start of the comic book series:

TWD Season 8 premieres in October on AMC.

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